The way to get slim thighs

Your metabolism dictates how much of what you eat is burned and how much is stored so the secret is quite simple…speed up your metabolism so it burns more calories than you consume and voilà…weight loss! However, the quality of the food that you eat does have a major contributing factor in how successful you will be at  getting those thighs looking good.

Forget starving yourself, this only lowers your metabolic rate and although you may see a weight reduction initially your body will adapt to the lower food intake and will burn calories at a much lesser rate and you will suddenly stop losing any weight at all! Then when you resume eating you will put on weight quickly as it will again take your body a while to adapt to the new, higher level of intake and once it has adapted you will often find that you are heavier than you were before…not a good thing!

The way to get slim thighs is to use a combination of high intensity workouts that concentrate on the thigh area and a good diet of fat burning foods. To many people’s surprise it is often better to eat more rather than less, but it is what you eat more of and less of that is important.

Strength Training: Strength training is probably the most important type of exercise and should be at the heart of your exercise routine. Unlike aerobic exercises, strength training will tone your muscles. Many women are put off by the idea of doing strength training and those that actually do some use extremely light weights that do not achieve the fat burning exercise required. The greater the weight used, the faster your metabolism will be and the greater the number of calories burned. Don’t worry…you won’t look like the incredible hulk if you’re sensible about it!

No Strict Diets: For years people have been told to use strict diets that are extremely low in calories, these are a big no no. It is a common mistake that many people have made as diets that are low in calories will force your metabolism to slow down, this results in your body burning fewer calories not more! Strict low calorie diets also have the effect of reducing your energy levels, therefore having a workout at the gym is the last thing you will want to do. Food is fuel and you need fuel to exercise.

Aerobic Exercise: We have mentioned strength training, which is an anaerobic exercise, as being the most important form of exercise to burn thigh fat but cardio is also an essential part of any weight loss regime…but it needs to be intense. Your cardio sessions have to be short and vigorous. A 25-30 minutes cardio routine at a moderate to high intensity level is ideal.

I mentioned that eating the right types of foods is vital but knowing when to eat them is just as important so having the right plan in order to achieve the optimum results in the shortest time possible is essential.